Just like when David slew Goliath with that tiny little stone, folks are stunned at the volume and rage that emits from Goatis' mandolin. He plays as if engaged in battle with Old Scratch himself, the prize, his very soul. And he ain't about to let some cloven hooved fork-tongued dandy drag him down to eternal damnation...at least not without kickin', screamin', pickin' and grinnin' all the way.

Those unfamiliar with Angry Johnny and The Killbillies upon hearing Goat's mandolin scream and wail for the first time might ask, "What the Hell is that sound?"

Those in the know will simply tell them, "That's BLOODGRASS."

Although being a Killbillie is pretty much a full time job, what with all the drinkin' that's required, you'd think that Goatis wouldn't have time for other pursuits. But somehow he manages to fit in scoring films, being a champion skeet shooter, spelunking, and teaching students his unique mandolin and guitar techniques, (if you're in the Killville area and want to take lessons check here). He also enjoys bowling.

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