Angry Johnny. The twisted whiskey soaked mind behind the Killbillies. Just another murder balladeer looking for another story to tell and another drink to consume. For more than a quarter century he's been spewin' out tales of lies and deceit, gospel rave ups and vengeance fueled rockers, and painting pictures of the Hell that's bubbling deep inside his terrible, tourtured little brain.

Back in the day he painted some album covers for Dinosaur Jr as well as A&M and Slash Records and everybody thought he was finally on his way....unfortunately it turned out that he was on his way to nowhere.

More recently he did the album art for the new Shadows Fall album "Threads Of Life". You can watch him explain his creative proccess HERE. Now he sits in the dark with a loaded gun waiting for success to come a knockin' on his door. He ain't lettin' him get away this time.

Swing on over to Angry's Creepy Little Gallery and take a gander inside that big ol' rotted melon of his and on your way out drop by the Killville General Store and buy some of his crap. He needs beer money and the rent is due.